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Enhance Safety with the Convex Back-Up Mirror: Your All-Around Lift Truck Solution

Updated: May 11, 2023 — Operating a lift truck efficiently and safely requires clear visibility of the surrounding environment. To address this critical need, we present the Convex Back-Up Mirror with a 100 lb. Magnet, a reliable accessory designed to provide lift truck operators with a comprehensive 180° view. With its easy installation and durable construction, this mirror ensures a quick safety check before reversing, enhancing operational safety in any industrial setting.

Enhanced Visibility

The Convex Back-Up Mirror is the perfect solution for lift truck operators seeking improved situational awareness. Its convex design widens the field of view, allowing operators to have a complete understanding of their surroundings. By offering a clear and comprehensive reflection, this mirror empowers operators to make informed decisions and respond promptly to potential hazards.

Easy Installation

We understand the value of time in a fast-paced work environment. That's why the Convex Back-Up Mirror can be effortlessly installed on any lift truck within seconds. The mirror comes equipped with reliable 3M two-sided tape, ensuring a secure and durable attachment. No additional tools or complicated processes are required, enabling your operators to start benefiting from improved visibility immediately.

Versatile Application

The Convex Back-Up Mirror caters to a range of needs and preferences. It is made of high-quality acrylic, renowned for its durability and clarity. Whether your lift truck is constructed from metal or non-metal materials, this mirror is adaptable. Additionally, for operators requiring a magnetic attachment, a version with a sturdy magnetic arm is available. This feature allows for quick and convenient installation on any metal surface, providing flexibility across various work environments.

Prioritizing safety is essential for lift truck operators, and the Convex Back-Up Mirror with a 100 lb. Magnet is a must-have accessory. Offering a complete 180° view, easy installation with 3M two-sided tape, and versatile application options, this mirror enhances situational awareness and reduces the risk of accidents. Invest in the Convex Back-Up Mirror today and empower your operators to navigate with confidence, ensuring a safer and more productive workplace for everyone involved.

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