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Lead Battery Acid Spill Kit

Lead Battery Acid Spill Kit


The Battery Acid Spill Kit is ideal for industrial plants with forklift battery acid spills. Easily stored and kept near the battery charging area to ensure a safe and proper clean up in case of a battery lead acid spill.


The Lead Battery Acid Spill Kit features:
1. (1) Acid Neutralizer
2. (1) Drain Cover
3. (1) Epoxy Stick
4. (1) Pair of Nitrile Gloves
5. (1) Red Nylon Bag
6. (1) Safety Goggles
7. (10) Sorbent Pads
8. (2) Disposable Bags
9. (2) Hazardous Waste Labels
10. (3) Sorbent Socks 3" x 48"

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