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Scaled Electric Pallet Jack-4000

Scaled Electric Pallet Jack-4000

SKU: PTiJack-40

When your job is to move, weigh, and track materials as they travel through a warehouse, every second counts. Eliminating steps in your handling process can improve operational efficiency that will add up to higher profits. The Scaled Electric Pallet Jack-4000, a mobile weighing electric pallet truck, lifts, weighs up to 4,000 Ibs, stores, and shares data in seconds. The Scaled Electric Pallet Jack-4000 delivers results you can count on by eliminating redundancies and ensuring accuracy.


Move Forward with the Scaled Electric Pallet Jack-4000

  • Built-in scale and WiFi-enabled onboard indicator are standard
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Ergonomic design improves productivity and safety
  • Compact body easily navigates tight corners
  • NTEP (Legal for Trade) certified
  • Specifications

    WEIGHT: 390 lbs. with Battery


    • Drive (1) 8.3" X 2.8" Polyurethane
    • Load (2) 2.9" X 3.5" Polyurethane


    • 27" OAW X 46" OAL Standard
    • Designed for Standard Forks 42" & 48" Pallets and Other Common Skids and Containers
    • Maximum Elevation of 7.75"


    • Travel, lift & lower functions, and creep speed controls
    • Easy Operation for Either Hand
    • Belly Button Reversing Switch, Dural Butterfly Travel Controls, Wake-Up Buttons, and Key Switch
    • Low Mounted Tiller Arm for Comfort and Minimum
      Steering Effort

    HYDRAULICS: DC Pump and Chrome Plated Cylinder


    • Water Resistant Connectors & Wired Harness
      Supply Power Reliably to Components
    • Emergency Power Disconnect
    • Covered On-Board Dock for Easy Exchange

    BRAKES: Electromagnetic Brakes


    • Removable Covers & Modular Design of Components
    • Two Piece Drive Wheel
    • Easy Exchange HD Battery Delivers up to 3.0 Hours of Operation & Charged within 1.5 Hours
    • Additional Set of Li-ion Battery Packs
    • Temperature range 32°-104°F
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