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GenieGrips® Cushions

GenieGrips® Cushions

GenieGrips® Cushions Absorption of impact when goods come in contact with the forklift carriages. GenieGrips® Cushions function as a bumper that magnetize to the forks on the Lift Trucks. The GenieGrips® Cushions eliminate friction and absorb impact of goods that may occur during lifting, loading and placing of loads. They are extremely easy to fit, with 3 powerful magnets securing them on the lift truck forks. GenieGrips® Cushions are specifically designed to be paired with our GenieGrips® Mats or GenieGrips® Caps to provide full fork protection!


*Many sizes available. Contact us if you aren't able to find the size you're looking for.



-Prevention of damage to goods

‐ Can be used as a safe bumper

‐ Non marking rubber compound

‐ Rubber compound can be used from

-40ºC to 110ºC environments

‐ Magnets for secure positioning

‐ Easily fitted and removed

‐ Bright visible yellow rubber for maximum safety


GenieGrips® is a registered trademark of GenieGrips Pty Ltd.”

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