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GenieGrips® Stik-It Pads

GenieGrips® Stik-It Pads


GenieGrips® Stik-It Pads are a slim, effective solution to protect your product from damage and minimise the risk of slipping loads. GenieGrips® Stik-It Pads come in packs of 8.


When transporting products such as steel, plastic containers, frozen or refrigerated pallets, finished product or food and beverages, forklift loads may shift, slide, and become unstable during transport, loading, or storing. This can be particularly dangerous if moving chemicals or other hazardous materials. Finished products can be scratched or damaged by bare metal forks resulting in significant rework time and loss of product. 


GenieGrips® Stik-It Pads are the smarter, safer way to transport goods by forklift. GenieGrips® Stik-It Pads are a self-adhesive solution to protecting product from damage. They function as a protective pad that sits in the footprint of the forklift forks. GenieGrips®Stik-It Pads prevent loads shifting, slipping, and falling during transport. They are easy to fit and remove providing an effective way of minimising instances of damage to products. GenieGrips® Stik-It Pads are manufactured from bright yellow, compound rubber that features a patterned anti-slip tread, providing exceptional grip and stability. This material is oil resistant, non-marking, and can withstand temperatures from -40ºC to 110ºC, ensuring that your goods are transported safely and securely minimising the risk of injury or damage.


*Available in one size and can be trimmed or joined together to accommodate different lengths and widths to fit most forks.*


• Anti-slip surface
• Prevention of damage to goods
• Protection of fork surface
• Non marking rubber compound
• Rubber compound can be used from -40ºC to 110ºC environments
• Oil resistant rubber compound
• Adheres directly to forklift forks
• Easily fitted and removed.
• Can be easily trimmed to appropriate size
• Can be used side by side for wider forks
• Slim Profile



GenieGrips® is a registered trademark of GenieGrips Pty Ltd.

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