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GenieGrips® Mats

GenieGrips® Mats

GenieGrips® Mats – Protection against loss and damage to goods, due to load shifting and sliding off forks on the Lift Trucks. Easy to install in seconds!


*Many sizes available. Contact us if you aren't able to find the size you're looking for.


• Anti-slip surface
• Prevention of damage to goods
• Protection of tyne surface
• Non marking rubber compound
• Rubber compound can be used from -40ºC to 110ºC environments
• Oil resistant rubber compound
• Lock in mechanism with secure toe cap and heel hook
• Easily fitted and removed
• Hinged joint makes grips easy to store away
• Bright visible yellow rubber for maximum safety


GenieGrips® is a registered trademark of GenieGrips Pty Ltd.”

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