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Forklift Carriage Plate Scale iCP32

Forklift Carriage Plate Scale iCP32


A weighing fork carriage makes your forklift intelligent and versatile. This solution makes it possible to weigh 'difficult to pack' products in combination with pre-construction equipment, such as a clamp or rotator. More good news: your current or new forklift probably doesn't even need to be modified to fit this smart weighing system.



  • Robust forklift scale, for heavy-duty applications
  • Total width of front plate available for weighing
  • Cabled or wireless connection between the indicator and Forklift Carriage Plate Scale iCP32
  • Also weighs in combination with rotators and clamps
  • Optional: legal for trade version
  • WeightsApp for data capture on tablets and smartphones


'Intelligent' is the definition that best covers the load when it comes to forklift weighing fork boards. Now it is often difficult to weigh specific products (such as bales of clothing, paper, or paper rolls). With weighing forkboards, this problem is a thing of the past. Through this solution, mobile weighing can be carried out in combination with pre-assembly equipment.


The weighing forkboards are proving to be a very welcome solution in and around warehouses. It speeds up logistical processes in places where most frustrations now arise because these often involve products that are difficult to lift. Add to this the many advantages of mobile weighing (faster, safer, more efficient, and interactive) and you are dealing with a unique weighing system that professionalizes your logistics.


The boards are available in both wireless and wired versions. The system fits most types of forklifts, with no modifications required. This is an advanced system. We build in a weighing sensor (load cell) with high accuracy. Naturally, the display is easy to operate and read for your operators.



The multiple bends absorb the constant shock of the bearing force while transferring the weight to the load cells. These critical components have no moving parts, which reduces the risk of failure.



The iCP-32 and iCP-52 have a single load cell with an accuracy of 0.2%. The iCP-WiM 2500, with our advanced Weigh in Motion technology, is 0.4% accurate at weights up to 500 kg and 0.2% accurate at weights from 500-2500 kg. The unique single loadcell design provides superior load sample linearity and maintains both heel-to-toe and fork-to-fork accuracy.


No adjustments needed:

The iCP can be attached to most types of forklifts without requiring modifications to the truck. Various operations can be performed with the iCP as a single efficient operation. The workflow is streamlined by eliminating the need to weigh the load on a platform scale.



Two rugged Grade-8 steel bolts secure the weighing system base for maintenance, or if the bends fail due to inadvertent abuse, preventing damage to the loadcell. The load cell rating is chosen to withstand 300% overload without damaging the cell.



  • Automatic and manual zero correction
  • Gross/net weighing
  • Totaling with sequence number
  • ID-code entry (5 digits)
  • Integrated level switch (cabled) or integrated level sensor (wireless)
  • Internal clock for date and time
  • RS232 port connection for printer
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for WeightsApp
  • Wireless: sleep mode with automatic start-up
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