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Bull Dawg Forklift Carriage Bumper

Bull Dawg Forklift Carriage Bumper


The Bull Dawg is designed to take the hit and keep on working. Reduces pallet and product damage by redirecting a forklifts impact to center block of the pallet. Two steel bars give this Dawg more teeth.


The Bull Dawg Forklift Carriage Bumper features:

1. Uni-body, molded construction.

Flexible yet rugged, Bull Dawg has just a few simple parts.


2. Dual, galvanized steel bars.

 Get more strength in extreme cold, high-impact and heavy-duty environments.


3. Slim, lightweight design.

At just six pounds, forklift load capacity is essentially unaffected.


4 .Large window area.

Increased visibility enhances safety and convenience.


5. Narrow impact zone.

Reduce the chance for contact with product.


6. Beveled, contoured edges.

Smooth surfaces and rounded corners contact product gently.


7. Large radius connecting plate.

Rounded design enables the carriage to glide over dock plates and rack systems.


8. Easy assembly.

Three bolts–one tool. In five minutes go from box back to work.


9. Fits like a glove.

Precisely engineered to fit all Class II carriages.


10. Durable and corrosion-proof.

PVC plastic construction withstands extreme environments.

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