High Sight Wireless Camera System

High Sight Wireless Camera System


The High Sight Wireless Camera System is an excellent tool to give the operator a variety of different views around the lift truck. The High Sight is extremely easy to install and operate and can be used in the front, back or anywhere around the lift truck where visibility is limited. The optional Magnetic Mount Camera Bracket equipped with impact bumper can easily be installed on the mast to protect the camera for front view applications. The High Sight Wireless Camera System includes the 7” o r 9” LCD Display, Rechargeable Battery Pack and Wireless Camera.

• 7” or 9” LCD Monitor with 120 degree view angle camera
• Exceptionally clear picture
• Digital wireless system with built-in transmitters
• Automatic pairing capability
• Night Vision technology allowing visibility in low light
• Recording capability with the use of an SD card
• 7” or 9” display accommodates up to 4 cameras
• Built with water and impact resistant housing
• Can be mounted anywhere on the forklift
• Easy Installation and operation
• Camera view can be rotated in 90 degree intervals


The High Sight Camera Bracket With Bumper