Genie Grip® Loading Mirrors

Genie Grip® Loading Mirrors

GenieGrips Loading Mirror


GenieGrips Loading Mirror is a patent-protected dual mirror system that relies on the interface of an outer convex lens reflecting compressed, captured imagery forward onto a flat mirror that is viewed by the driver.  The mirrors/lenses are secured in an adjustable housing unit that maintains a fixed distance between the two, with 90% of the mirror assembly molded from recycled plastic. The compression of the forward image from the convex lens onto the flat lens allows a driver to gain a deep forward and vertical view that cross-sects at a central point.


GenieGrips Loading Mirror provides a number of solutions to suit your forklift models and operational needs, from loading in narrow confines to wider environments where space restrictions don’t apply.


  • Supplied with three industrial strength magnets or attached using industrial double-sided tape, GenieGrips Loading Mirror can be retrofitted to most small to medium forklifts.
  • The state-of-the-art clutch design enables the mirrors to be set and locked. If the mirror is knocked or moved, it can be easily returned to the pre-set memory position.
  • Made from sturdy materials, GenieGrips Loading Mirror is able to operate in a range of environments and temperature conditions.
  • For use in contained spaces
  • Fits within forklift footprint
  • Sight forks, with compressed forward view
  • Suitable for forklifts of 1 to .5 tons


Slimview or Wideview?

GenieGrips Loading Mirror is available in 2 models, Slimview and Wideview, both with left hand and right-hand versions. When selecting your preferred option, consideration needs to be given to forklift tonnage, standard load dimensions and whether your operating environment is confined or open. For optimal performance, GenieGrips Loading Mirror is normally installed as a pair. 


GenieGrips® is a registered trademark of GenieGrips Pty Ltd.